Running Synthetic Full Backups for the Hybrid File Store


Retention settings are checked every 24 hours. User deleted files and file versions that do not meet the retention criteria are marked for deletion. To delete the files from the media, you must run a synthetic full backup operation.

Synthetic full backup operation copies the files that must be retained to a new backup location. After 90 days, when you run a data aging job, the deleted files in the old archive file are aged.

Note: The system will not run a synthetic full backup job if no incremental or differential backups were run after the last full or synthetic full backup.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Policies.

  2. Right-click Schedule Policies, and then click New Schedule Policy.

    The New Schedule Policy dialog box appears.

  3. In the Name box, type a name for the schedule policy.

  4. From the Type list, select Data Protection.

  5. From the Agent Type list, select Files > Protected Files.

  6. Click Add.

    The Backup Task Options dialog box appears.

  7. On the Backup Options tab, click Synthetic Full.

  8. On the Schedule Pattern tab, type a name in the Schedule Name box and click Automatic.

  9. On the Synthetic Full sub-tab, select Run Synthetic Full backups every X days to define the number of days that should pass between automatic synthetic full backups.

    Note: The Synthetic Full Backup sub-tab is available after Synthetic Full is selected from the Backup Options tab.

  10. Click OK.

  11. From the New Schedule Policy dialog box, click the Associations tab and select the Hybrid File Store client computer to associate with the schedule policy.

  12. Click OK.

What To Do Next

Run a Data Aging job to prune the deleted files from the media. By default, the pruned files are retained for 90 days in the media.