Getting Started with Always On Availability Groups


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To get started with backing up Always On availability groups, verify the system requirements, and then install the SQL agent on all the physical nodes of the Always On cluster


  1. Verify that your environment meets the system requirements for Always On availability groups.

  2. Install the SQL agent on all the physical nodes of the Always On cluster.

    For more information, see Installing the SQL Server Agent on a Client Computer.


By default, after you install the SQL agent on the primary replica of an Always On cluster, the software automatically discovers new availability groups in the SQL server environment and configures availability group clients and instances. For more information, see Automatic Discovery of SQL Availability Groups.

You can also create a new SQL availability group (AG) instance on the Command Center. An AG group client is created automatically for the availability groups associated with the primary replica. For more information, see Create an instance for the availability group.