Requirements for Small Shared Services Environments (Self-Service Deployments)


In a small environment, you can start with a deployment that can handle your expected six-month workload.

With this configuration, you can protect 5-15 TB of client data without needing to provide additional resources.

Trial Server Requirements

Review the following requirements for small environments:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (all editions) or 2016 (all editions)

  • 4 CPU/vCPU cores

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 100 GB disk space for CommServe SQL Server database (D:\)

This server can handle up to 25 physical servers, 100 virtual machines, and 200 laptops.

MediaAgent Requirements

You need at least one MediaAgent to perform backup and restore operations from backup media, such as disk, cloud, or tape libraries.

Use the following requirements for the machine where you install the MediaAgent. If you plan to install the MediaAgent on your trial server (CommServe host), add the following requirements to the base requirements for the trial server:

  • 2 CPU/vCPU cores

  • 16 GB RAM

  • 10 GB disk space for Commvault software (E:\)

  • 200 GB disk space for storing job results (F:\)

  • 200 GB disk space for deduplication database (DDB) (G:\)

  • 400 GB disk space for index cache (H:\)

Note: Review the I/O requirements for the deduplication database and index cache drives in Deduplication Mode. These I/O requirements are mandatory and directly impact the performance of your backup solution.