Downloading Software Updates (Self-Service Deployments)


While you perform further setup, the Commvault system can download the latest software updates onto your CommServe host.

The latest software updates are useful if you need to push application agents to clients that need to be protected.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Guided setup.

  2. Click Download/copy software.

    The Download/copy software dialog box appears.

  3. Select Download software using Internet (the default value).

  4. In Download installation media, select Latest Fixes for Current Release (the default value).

  5. In Operating system options, select the platform and operating system for the software you want to download.

    If you have Linux systems to protect, add Unix – Linux X86_64 to your download.

  6. In Remote caches to sync, select the remote caches where you want to copy the downloaded packages (in addition to downloading to the CommServe host).

  7. Click Download.