Enabling Automatic Software Installations for VMs (Self-Service Deployments)


To provide application-aware backups for your service, you can enable a remote software cache within the customer network, and specify that Commvault can use the customer access node (VSA proxy) to hold copies of the latest Commvault software for installation.

Alternatively, you can provide custom installation packages that tenants can use to install application agents or other software packages.


To set up a remote software cache, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on to the CommServe host using administrator credentials.

  2. Open the Commvault CommCell Console.

  3. In the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe host (the top-level node), and then click All Tasks > Add/Remove Software > Software Cache Configuration.

  4. On the Remote Software Cache tab, click Add to add a new cache.

  5. Select the tenant's access node (VSA proxy) as the computer to host the cache.

  6. Verify that the Enable Remote Software Cache check box is selected.

  7. If necessary, specify an alternate cache directory.

  8. Click Configure Packages to Sync.

  9. Verify that the Sync Packages check box is selected.

  10. Select Customize Packages.

  11. Select the OS, click +, and then select the following packages:

    • MediaAgent

    • File System Core

    • File System

    • VSS Provider

    • VSS Hardware Provider

    • Virtual Server

    • SQL Server

    • Oracle

  12. Click OK.

  13. Click Add/Remove Clients.

  14. Select the Client Computer Group for the tenant company, and then click Include All.

  15. Click OK.

  16. Click Sync Cache.

  17. Click OK.

  18. Right-click the CommServe host, and then click All Tasks > Add/Remove Software > Download Software.

  19. On the Options tab, select Sync.

  20. Select the newly created remote software cache, and then click OK.

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