Deployment Process for Fully Managed Deployments


Complete the tasks in each section of this page to create a fully managed service deployment. Perform the tasks in the sequence shown here, because some tasks cannot be performed unless the preceding tasks are complete.

Step 1: Software Planning and Installation

  1. Review the infrastructure requirements:

  2. Registering the Software

Step 2: Initial Setup

  1. Performing Guided Setup for Commvault

  2. Configuring Email Notifications

  3. Downloading Software Updates

  4. Running a Disaster Recovery Backup

  5. Configuring Offsite Storage for Disaster Recovery Backups

Step 3: Service Catalog Configuration

  1. Add storage for backup data:

  2. Adding Plans for Your Service Catalog

Step 4: Hypervisor Configuration

  1. Configure the Virtualization solution:

  2. Identify virtual machines to back up:

Step 5: Setup for a Tenant Company

  1. Creating a Company

  2. Identifying Solutions for Tenants

  3. Customizing Tenant Views

  4. Activating an Authorization Code for Tenant Software Installation

  5. Creating a Tenant User

  6. Creating a Custom Role

  7. Associating Users with Roles

  8. Assigning Virtual Machines to Tenant Users

  9. Selecting a Default Plan

  10. Performing VM Backups

Step 6: Optional Configuration

You can perform the following additional tasks after completing the basic deployment: