Reports for Investigating Events That Affect Service in Service Provider Environments


You can use reports to determine specific events that affected service in your CommCell environment or environments.



SLA report

Displays the success of protection status over time.

Backup job summary

Displays failed backup jobs so that you can investigate root causes.

Restore job summary

Shows restore jobs that were run in the CommCell Console during a specified time.

Aux copy job details

Displays failed auxiliary copy jobs. Use for root cause analysis.

Infrastructure Load

Displays the CPU utilization, memory utilization, and general activity of core Commvault infrastructure.

Disk Library Utilization

Displays details of disk libraries such as status, capacity, predicted growth, and date to be full with a chart for free space (%).

License Summary

Displays details of purchased and used licenses.

Audit Trail

Displays a List of operations that users performed in a CommCell environment.

CommCell Readiness

Performs a readiness check to validate the health of your environment.

For more information, see Available Reports.