Sending Log Files from the CommCell Readiness Report


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You can send log files from the CommCell Readiness report for one or more entities that have problems.


  1. Open the CommCell Readiness Report.

  2. In the Failure table, select the entity or entities that you want to send logs for:

    • To send logs for a single entity, select an entity, click the action button , and then click Send Logs.

    • To send logs for multiple entities, select a group of entities, and then at the top of the Failure table, click Send Logs.

      The Send log files page appears.

  3. Under Output, upload automatically to the default location or a local or network path:

    • To upload to the default CommCell location, select the Auto upload check box.

    • To upload to a local path or network path, select the Output to check box, select Local path or Network path and then browse for a storage location.

      You might have to enter network credentials to browse for a Network path location.

  4. Under Information, select the type of logs to include.

    For example, select CommServe database, OS logs.

  5. Under Advanced, select additional information and options to include in the bundle.

    For example, select Process dump, Database logs.

  6. Under Notification, select the users that you want to receive an email about the logs.

    By default, logs are sent to Commvault support.

  7. Click Send logs.