Installing the Commvault PowerShell SDK from GitHub (Most Recent Version of the Module)


You can install the Commvault PowerShell module, in online or offline mode, using the file downloaded from the Commvault GitHub repository.


  1. On a computer that can connect to the CommServe computer, go to the Commvault PowerShell SDK page on the Commvault GitHub repository.

  2. Click the Code button, and then click Download ZIP.

    The CVPowershellSDK-master zip file is downloaded.

  3. Extract the CVPowershellSDK-master file.

  4. Launch a PowerShell session.

    Note: If you want to install the PowerShell Module for all users, verify that your user account has administrative privileges.

  5. Go to the location where CVPowershellSDK-master file is extracted.

    For example, if you extracted file to the Downloads folder, go to C:\Users\<user>\Downloads\CVPowershellSDK-master.

  6. Run the command for the mode that you want to use:




.\Install-CVModules.ps1 -Scope <AllUsers> or <CurrentUser>


.\Install-CVModules.ps1 -Scope <AllUsers> or <CurrentUser> -Offline -PersistModulePath

The PersistModulePath switch updates the current user $env:PSModulePath environment variable to persist access to the Commvault module across PowerShell sessions.

What to Do Next

To run Commvault cmdlets, you must log on to the CommServe host using the Connect-CVServer cmdlet. For more information, see Connecting to a CommCell Environment with PowerShell.