Known Issues for Synchronous Data Replication for VMware on Nutanix


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The following known issues have been identified.

  • If failover happens, the snapshot mount operation fails. To perform a mount operation, you must update the mount path manually to include the ESX host information for the secondary site (which is the active site after failover).

  • When Nutanix is transitioning states and synchronizing the active and the standby sites, IntelliSnap backups fail. Wait until the transition is complete, update the snapshot mount path so the ESX host operates on the site that is active after the transition, and then retry the backup operation.

  • Snapshots that are created in standalone state can be backup copied only in standalone state. When the transition from standalone state to healthy state occurs, if you try to run a backup copy operation on snapshots that were created in standalone state, the backup copy operation fails. In the Commvault software, you need to unpick the snapshot jobs and then continue with the backup copy operation. To recover those snapshots, contact Nutanix support.