CommCell Management


Enable a Passkey for Browsing and Restoring Backup Data

When you create and require a passkey for a client computer, end-users must enter the passkey whenever they attempt to browse and restore backup data on the client computer. This ensures that only authorized users have access to client computer backup data.

In a CommCell environment, MSP administrators can create and require a passkey for all client computers at the CommCell and company levels. Similarly, tenant administrators can create and require a passkey for all their client computers at the company level.

In addition, the MSP administrator and tenant administrators can enable the passkey feature for client owners, so that client owners can create and require a passkey for each of their client computers.

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ServiceNow Solution Supports Multiple CommCell Instances

You can configure the Commvault application in ServiceNow to include multiple CommCell instances.

For more information, see Accessing the Commvault Application for ServiceNow.

Configure an Identity Provider CommCell to Manage Multiple CommCells

In a CommCell environment, you can configure a CommCell to act as the Identity Provider (IdP) CommCell to manage other CommCells that you add as service CommCells. The user can log on to the Command Center of the IdP CommCell, and then access and manage the service CommCells.

For more information, see Managing Service CommCells.