Getting Started With HyperScale X Appliance


Review the following topics to get started with the HyperScale X Appliance :

Step 1: What's in the Box

Ensure that you have received all the items in the shipment. For more information, see What's in the Box.

Step 2: Hardware Setup

It is important to properly setup your hardware before you get started. Hardware setup consists of the following steps:




Racking the Appliance

Racking the appliance to properly secure the hardware and connect the server.

Racking HS2300

Racking HS4300

Setup the Static IP For IPMI

Setup the IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) to provide remote access and monitoring.

Setting up a Static IP For IPMI

Step 3: Deploying HyperScale X Appliance

Choose a deployment method based on your network topology:




Redundant Networking (Recommended method)

Deploying the appliance with a bonded 10GigE data protection and a bonded 10GigE storage pool networks.

Deploying HyperScale X Appliance with Redundant Networking (Recommended Deployment Method)

Basic Networking

Deploying the appliance with 10GigE data protection and 10GigE storage pool network. (with no network bonding.)

Deploying HyperScale X Appliance with Basic Networking

Step 4: Completing the Setup

Choose a deployment type based on your setup:

Deployment Type



New CommCells

Tasks associated with setting up a new CommCell.

Completing the Setup for New CommCells

Existing CommCells

Tasks Associated with setting up an existing CommCell.

Completing the Setup for Existing Commcells

Where to Go From Here

After setting up the appliance, you can perform one or more of the following tasks:




Verifying the Default Configurations

Verify the information associated with the storage pools and disk libraries.

Verifying the Default Configuration

Install Data Protection Agents

Install Data Protection Agents on clients that you wish to backup.

Installing Data Protection Agents

Enabling ransomware protection

Enable ransomware protection for all the nodes in the HyperScale environment

Enabling Ransomware Protection for a HyperScale MediaAgent