Pre-Installation Checklist For Redundant Networking


Before deploying the nodes, complete the following checklist with the information needed for the deployment.

Each node will require an IP Address for both the Data Protection and Storage Pool Networks as follows:

Node 1

Node 2

Node 3

Data Protection Fully Qualified Domain Name*

Data Protection IP Address*

Data Protection Netmask*

Data Protection Gateway*

Data Protection DNS 1*

Data Protection DNS 2

Data Protection DNS 3

Storage Pool IP Address*

Storage Pool Netmask*

* Required fields

If you are a new Customer without an existing Commvault environment and would like to deploy the appliance as an all-in-one backup and recovery solution, additional IP addresses and associated hostnames will be required. These will be used to setup virtual machines that will house the Commvault Commserve server, which is a critical component of the Commvault architecture. It is responsible for coordinating all operations, storing metadata, and providing a central configuration and reporting server for your Commvault environment. Optionally a primary and Standby CommServe servees can be deployed as active-passive pair to ensure availability in the event of a hardware or software failure.

Primary CommServe VM*

Standby CommServe VM

Fully Qualified Hostname (FQDN)*

IP Address*

* Required fields