Recovering the Associations of a Service CommCell Environment


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After you add a service CommCell, verify that the CommCell entities of the service CommCell are synced to the identity provider (IdP) CommCell. You can check the Last synced with IDP column in the Service CommCells page. The time should display the current time for the service CommCell that you added. The users of the service CommCell can log on to the IdP CommCell and access the service CommCell only after a successful sync operation. If the sync operation fails for any of the following reasons, perform a recovery operation or, when the recovery operation fails, contact the software vendor for help.

  • Services on the service CommCell are down.

  • The service CommCell has a company with similar name of a company that is present on the IdP CommCell, but with a different company alias and associated SMTP.

  • SAML identity servers with the same configuration exist on different companies on the CommCells i.e. on two service CommCells or on a service Commcell and the IdP CommCell.

  • SAML identity servers with the same configuration exist at CommCell level in a CommCell and at company level in another CommCell. The two CommCells can be both service CommCells or a service Commcell and the IdP CommCell.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > System.

    The System page appears.

  2. Click the Service CommCells tile.

    The Service CommCells page appears.

  3. For the service Commcell environment that you want to recover associations for, click the Actions button , and then click Refresh.