Completing the Setup for New CommCells


Complete setting up a new CommCell by performing the following tasks:




Launch the Command Center

Open the Command Center, which is the web based user interface used to configure, operate and mange the CommCell.

Launching the Command Center

Complete the Core Setup

When you log on to the Command Center for the first time, you must finish the following tasks using a wizard:

  • Add a storage pool using the nodes that were setup.

  • Create a Server Backup Plan to to start protecting your data.

Adding a Storage Pool

Creating a Server Backup Plan

Enable CommServe LiveSync

Enable the CommServe LiveSync feature to facilitate CommServe Recovery Using High Availability CommServe Host.

Enabling CommServe LiveSync

Configure Alerts

Default alerts are available to monitor the hardware and provide alerts when errors are detected.

The following pre-defined alerts must be customized for your environment:

  • The pre-defined Dial home for Hyperscale and Appliance hardware alert sends alerts to the Commvault Maintenance Advantage Customer Support when hardware errors are encountered.

    You must configure the alert with the contact information and additional details to facilitate subsequent action by Commvault Customer Support to resolve the hardware error.

Configuring the Dial Home for Hyperscale and Appliance Hardware Alert