Add Hypervisor Options


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When you configure a new hypervisor during the process of creating a replication group, you must provide vendor-specific information so that the Command Center can access the hypervisor.

VMware Options

  • Select vendor: From this list, select VMware vCenter.

  • vCenter server name: Enter the name of the vCenter server in your environment.

  • Hypervisor display name: If you want to display a different name for the vCenter server in the Command Center, enter a name.

  • Enter credentials: To enter a new set of credentials, select this option.

    • User name: Enter the name of a user who has access to the vCenter server.

    • Password: Enter the password associated with the user.

  • Use saved credentials: To use a user name and password that you have already added to the Command Center to access the vCenter server, select this option.

  • Access nodes: Select the VMware access nodes in your environment.