Protecting EC2 Data in AWS Outposts


Commvault protects EC2 instances in AWS Outposts.

You must configure a hypervisor to provide native API access to the AWS Outposts.

Then, you can schedule or initiate a backup of EC2 instances and the underlying EBS volumes.

You can recover entire EC2 instances, EBS volumes, or individual guest files and folders. Volume-based recovery might occur by attaching the restored volumes to the existing or new EC2 instances.

For more information, see Amazon EC2.

What Gets Backed Up

  • Active EC2 instances (whether they are turned on or turned off)

  • Instance EBS volumes

  • Volumes using custom encryption

What Does Not Get Backed Up

  • AMIs

  • Instance store volumes

EC2 Configuration

  • To use the Virtual Server Agent with Amazon, you must create a virtualization client for the AWS account. If you have multiple AWS accounts, you must create a different virtualization client for each one. Creating the virtualization client automatically creates a default backup set and default subclient.

    For more information, see Configuration for Amazon EC2.

EC2 Backup

  • Back up instances from a subclient or from a backup set (to include all subclients for the backup set).

    For more information, see Backups for Amazon EC2.

    Note: If AWS OutPosts is provisioned with S3 that has the EBS Local Snapshots feature enabled, EC2 backup fails.

EC2 Restore

You can restore instances (VMs), EBS volumes, and Guest Files and Folders in place or to a new destination.

For more information, see Restores for Amazon EC2, Restoring Full Instances, Restoring Guest Files and Folders, and Attaching Volumes to Existing or New Instances.

Restore Considerations

Commvault utilizes AWS-native EBS snapshots to protect EC2 instances. EBS snapshots are stored within the Amazon S3 service. Since the Amazon S3 service is not available within AWS Outposts, EBS snapshots are stored within the AWS region.

Consider this limitation when planning for desired recovery times. Your recovery will occur over the network. Restore throughput will be largely dependent on the volume of data and the available bandwidth of your connection to the AWS region.