Protecting RDS Data in AWS Outposts


Commvault protects RDS instances in AWS Outposts by using AWS native snapshots.

You can configure a virtualization client to represent the AWS Outposts.

For more information, see Amazon RDS.

What Gets Backed Up

  • Active RDS instances (whether they are turned on or turned off)

  • Instance EBS volumes

  • Volumes using default or custom encryption

What Does Not Get Backed Up

  • RDS instance log backups are not protected

RDS Configuration

  • Create a virtualization client for the Amazon RDS instance that you want to protect. A virtualization client is the access point for an AWS user account. You must define a virtualization client for at least one valid AWS account to protect the data. When you create a virtualization client, the Commvault software automatically creates an instance, and a default subclient that you use to protect the data.

    For more information, see Configuration for Amazon RDS.

RDS Backup

RDS Restore

Restore Considerations

  • Only a full RDS instance recovery is supported.