Component Requirements for Primary and Secondary Sites


The primary and secondary sites for replication must have the required VMware environment, and must include Commvault components to manage operations and data movement. The requirements are slightly different for on-premises deployments and VMware Cloud on AWS.

For an on-premises deployment, you can create a hypervisor configuration using the vCenter or a standalone ESX host. For a destination site that is a VMware Cloud on AWS deployment, you can only use the VMware vCenter as the destination hypervisor.

If the destination site is a VMware Cloud on AWS deployment, the access node must be a virtual machine in the VMware Cloud.

The following table shows the components that must be present on the primary and destination sites:


On-premises deployment

VMware Cloud on AWS

vCenter Server

  • Recommended version: vCenter Server 7.0 (all minor updates are supported).

    Versions older than vCenter Server 4.1 are not supported.

  • Ensure that you are using Essentials licensing level or higher for ESXi hosts. The vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) are not provided with the free version of ESXi.

  • The Virtual Server Agent includes the latest supported VDDK.

    The appropriate VDDK for the vSphere version is loaded automatically when required.

  • Install on primary and destination sites.

  • Configure a hypervisor in the Command Center.

  • The latest version of VMware Tools supported by the host should be installed on each guest virtual machine.

    For Linux guest VMs running supported operating system releases, open-vm-tools can be used.

    • The cluster size or the allocation unit size of an NTFS volume in a virtual machine must be multiple of 1024 bytes per cluster. You can set the cluster size before formatting a volume. The default cluster size is 4096 bytes per cluster.

  • Included automatically with VMware Cloud on AWS.

  • Configure a hypervisor in the Command Center. Use cloudadmin@vmc.local as the vCenter user name.


On ESX host that is accessible from the vCenter.

vSAN support is included with VMware Cloud on AWS.


For replication from an on-premises VMware deployment to VMware Cloud on AWS, deploy a network gateway.

For best results, use the Elastic Network Interface (ENI) to write data to AWS S3 libraries. Using the ENI Network Tunnel avoids incurring unnecessary traffic costs.


Install on virtual machines running in the VMware Cloud.

Virtual Server Agent (VSA)

To create access nodes (VSA proxies), install the VSA package on physical or virtual machines.

Install on virtual machines running in the VMware Cloud.

File Recovery Enabler for Linux (FREL)

Linux machines that have the MediaAgent and VSA packages installed are automatically configured to support file recovery for Linux guest VMs.

Use virtual machines running in the VMware Cloud.

VAIO filters (required for continuous replication)

Install on source and destination ESX clusters.