Configuring Tiered Metrics Reporting on the Command Center


You can configure the local Metrics Reporting Server to forward reporting data to the worldwide Metrics Reporting Server. This configuration results in a tiered reporting structure for environments with multiple CommServe computers.

Important: You must configure data forwarding on the CommServe computer that hosts the local Metrics Reporting Server.

Before You Begin

  • Verify that you have a Worldwide Metrics Reporting Server installed on a separate computer. If you do not have a Worldwide Metrics Reporting Server, then install a Metrics Reporting Server on a separate computer from the Local Metrics Reporting Server. For instructions, see Getting Started with Metrics Reports.

  • All Metrics Reporting Servers that are part of the tiered architecture must be installed with the same Version and Feature Release.

  • If you want to mask, or hide, file paths from report data, before sending data to the Worldwide Metrics Reporting Server, configure masking on each CommServe computer that sends data to the Local Metrics Reporting Serve. For instructions on masking file paths in each CommServe computer, see Masking File Paths in a CommServe Computer.


  1. Log on to the Command Center.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > System.

    The System page appears.

  3. Click the Reports tile.

  4. The Reports page appears.

  5. Beside Remote private metrics reporting, click Settings.

    The Remote private metrics reporting dialog box appears.

  6. Under Forwarding, in the Forwarding URLs box, enter an upload URL, and then click the Add button .

    Upload URLs must start with https:// and end with a forward slash (/).

    You can find the upload URL for a private Metrics Reporting Server in the Command Center under Manage > System > Private metrics reporting > General > Upload URL.

    If needed for your environment, you can add multiple URLs.

  7. Click Save.

    Changes to forwarding settings and additional upload URLs take effect within an hour, and then after the next data collection, forwarded data appears in reports on the worldwide metrics reporting server.

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