Connecting the Nodes to an Existing CommServe Server


The nodes can be setup with only the MediaAgent software and these MediaAgents can be attached to an existing CommServe. Typically this would be done when you setup the nodes as MediaAgents in an existing CommCell.

Before You Begin


  1. Setup the nodes as described in one of the following pages:

  2. In the CommServe hostname (FQDN) box, enter the name (FQDN) of the existing CommServe computer.

  3. In the Username and Password boxes, enter the credentials that must be used to access the CommServe server.

  4. Click Save.

    The software will start the installation process.

    The MediaAgent software will be installed in the nodes . This process may take some time (approximately 45 minutes) to complete.

    You can monitor the progress using the progress bar.

    Caution: Do not reboot or stop the installation during this process.

  5. The completion message will be displayed.

What to Do Next

Click the Command Center link in the completion message to launch the Command Center and complete the setup as described in Completing the Setup of Existing CommCells.