Creating a Subclient for Epic EHR Systems


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You can create user-defined subclients to manage and back up specific data files and folders.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Applications > Epic EHR Systems.

    The Epic EHR Systems page appears.

  2. Click the server.

    The server page appears.

  3. Under Subclients, on the right of the page, click Add subclient.

    The Add subclient dialog box appears.

  4. Enter the following information:

    • Name: Enter a name for the subclient.

    • Backup set: Select the backup set that you want to add the subclient to.

    • Plan: Select the server plan to use for the subclient

  5. To customize the content for backup, move the Define your own backup content toggle key to the right.

  6. Click Browse.

    The Select a path dialog box appears.

  7. Complete one of the following steps to add content:

    • To select all instances on the server, select the CACHEDB check box.

    • To select a specific instance on the server, expand CACHEDB, and then select the instance.

  8. Click OK.