Getting Started with DB2 MultiNode


To get started with backing up and restoring DB2 MultiNode databases in the Command Center, set up the Command Center, complete the database application setup wizard, configure the database and create alerts, then perform a test backup and a restore.

Step 2: Complete the Database Setup Wizard

Configure the database application by completing the Database Setup Wizard.

Step 3: Configure the Database and Create Alerts

  1. Create a server plan.

    The server plan defines how often the software backs up the database and the log files, and where it stores the backups.

  2. Add a DB2 MultiNode database server.

  3. Add a DB2 MultiNode instance.

  4. Add DB2 MultiNode databases to the instance.

  5. Add a DB2 subclient.

  6. Optional: Create alerts to receive automatic notifications about operations, such as failed jobs.

Step 4: Perform a Test Backup and Restore

  1. Back up the databases.

  2. Restore the databases.

Step 5: Add Additional Subclients

Add additional subclients for content that you need to protect on a separate schedule.