Restoring HDFS Data to a File Server


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You can restore HDFS data to a file server.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Big data.

    The Apps page appears.

  2. Click the cluster that contains the data to restore.

    The cluster page appears.

  3. Under Hadoop Apps, click HDFS.

    The app page appears.

  4. Under Subclients, in the row for the subclient, click the action button , and then click Restore.

    The Backup content page appears.

  5. Select the content to restore, and then click Restore.

    The Restore dialog box appears.

  6. On the Restore to file system tab, do the following:

    1. From the Destination server list, select the file server to restore the cluster to.

    2. In the Path box, enter the path to restore the cluster to.

  7. Click OK.