Operations You Can Perform with Security Token Service (STS) Role Authentication Using an Admin Account Access Resource Name (ARN)


With STS role authentication using an admin account ARN, you can perform the following operations:


  • Streaming backups

  • IntelliSnap backups


  • Full instance restores

  • Live browse and guest file-level restores, agentless restores, and download of files

Other Operations

  • File indexing

  • Attach volume to an existing instance or a new instance

  • Conversion from VMware and Hyper-V to AWS using the Import or HotAdd method

  • Live Sync or disaster recovery from VMware to AWS

  • Live Sync or disaster recovery from AWS to AWS, within the same region or cross region

  • Automatic scaling of access nodes

  • Snapshot replication to a different region

  • Snapshot replication and sharing to a different account, and making a copy of the snapshot