Use the Custom Configuration Option in the Office 365 Guided Setup for OneDrive for Business


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If you can't disable multi-factor authentication for the Office 365 global administrator account, which is required by the express configuration option, use the custom configuration option. Use this option if the same person performs the roles of backup administrator, Office 365 administrator, and Azure administrator.

Before using the custom configuration, you must register the Azure app for OneDrive for Business with Azure AD.

To configure multiple OneDrive for Business apps based on geographic locations, create Azure security groups with dynamic membership rules based on geographic attributes, and then create region-specific storage and OneDrive for Business apps.


  1. Register the Azure app for OneDrive for Business with Azure AD.

    Important: You can perform the registration manually, as described in step 1, or you can use the custom configuration toolkit. The toolkit, which automates the registration process, is available in step 2.

  2. Complete the Office 365 guided setup using the custom configuration option.