Customizing an Input for User Interaction Activities


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Before a workflow is executed in the CommCell environment or used in the Web Console as a form, you can customize the input. For example, you can set an input field as required.


  1. Open the workflow properties.

  2. On the Inputs tab, click Customize.

    The Customize dialog box appears.

  3. On the Data tab, select the input in the left pane.

    The input options appear on the right.

    Tip: To add a new input, in the left pane, enter a name for the input, and then click Add.

  4. From the Type list, select an input type.

  5. In the Display Name box, enter a name for the input.

    This name is displayed to users.

  6. From the Default list, select a value to pre-populate for the input during workflow execution.


    • If a default value is not set, the input field is blank.

    • The default value for a boolean input type must be entered as either true or false.

    • From the Control Type list, define the data for input during workflow execution. For example, you can use a text box to allow users specify the input on a single line or a check box to allow users select multiple possible values if Create as list was selected when the input was first added.

  7. To define more than one input option, move the ListType toggle key to the right.

  8. Click OK.