Transitioning a Workflow Activity Using a Condition


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To transition a workflow activity based on conditions, you must configure the activity connector.


  1. From the workflow design area, select the connector between the activities that you want to set the conditional transition for.

  2. In the Display Name box, enter a name for the condition.

    For example, if the condition represents the success scenario, enter success.

  3. Based on the previous activity, set the condition for the connector:

Previous activity





Execute when condition is

true or false

To follow this condition when the Decision expression evaluates to false, select false as the value.


Execute when condition is

The value of the expression that the Switch activity evaluates to. For more information, see Expressions for an Activity Input.



You can set a default transition if the conditional value returns false.



Execute if previous activity status is

To continue to the next activity when the previous activity executed successfully, select Successful as the value.

  1. If your connectors start from activities other than the Decision or Switch activity, and you want to use Java or JavaScript to specify expressions to determine the activity transition, click the Condition tab.

    The expression in the Condition tab must return a Boolean value. To refer to the previous activity, use the activity variable.

    In the following example, the expression will not proceed to the next activity if the previous activity did not complete successfully:

    activity.exitCode != 0;

    Note: The Condition tab is not available for activity connectors that start from a Decision or Switch activity because the condition is specified in the activity itself.

  2. Click OK.