General Properties for Workflow Activities


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You can configure general properties, such as the name of the activity and the maximum number of restarts allowed for an activity when it fails during workflow execution.

  • Name: Enter a name for the activity.

  • Display Name: Enter a name that you want to display to users.

  • Unique Name: Enter a name for the activity that the workflow uses to refer the output or system attributes of the activity.

  • Description: Enter a brief description of the activity.

  • Continue after max restarts: To proceed to the next activity after the activity reaches the maximum number of restarts, move the toggle key to the right.

    This property is useful when you have conditional transitions in your workflow. For example, you can send a failure email.

    If you want the workflow to fail immediately, leave this property as False.

  • Maximum Restarts: If the activity fails during workflow execution, enter the maximum number of restarts for the activity.

  • Restart Interval: Enter the interval in minutes between restarts.

  • Timeout: Enter the maximum time in minutes that the activity can take to complete.

    When an activity is timed out, the status is set to failed.

  • Skip creating attempt: To stop the activity from creating an attempt record, move the toggle key to the right.

    Note: If you enable this option, no detailed tracking information for the activity will be logged. If an activity attempt is not skipped, it is displayed on the Job history page.