Specifying an Activity Input as a Variable or a Hard Coded Value for a Workflow


You can use the output of an activity as a variable or a hard coded value to specify the input value of another activity.

Example: Configure the Decision Activity Using an Expression

A workflow checks whether specific clients in the CommCell environment are available. A Decision activity analyzes the results of the CheckReady activity and checks the client connectivity. This example configures the Decision activity using an expression based on the exit code output of the CheckReady activity.

  1. Open the workflow that contains the Decision activity.

  2. In the workflow design area, click the Decision activity.

    At the bottom of the page, the properties for the Decision activity appear.

  3. On the Inputs tab, beside the Expression box, click the Insert Variable + button.

    The Insert variable dialog box appears.

  4. Go to CheckReady, and then select exitCode.

  5. To make the expression represent the successful scenario of the CheckReady activity, at the end of the expression value, enter ==0.

    The expression value is xpath:{/workflow/CheckReady_2/exitCode} == 0