This section displays the information about the libraries that you selected to view the recommendations from Commvault. For each library, you can see the information about costs, savings, recommended storage setup from Commvault, and reason for recommendation.

Column Name



The name of the library.

Storage Type

The storage type of the library – primary or secondary. The primary copy of a storage policy writes data to the primary storage. Any secondary copy of the storage policy creates an additional copy of data on the secondary storage.

Creation Time

The date of creation of the library.


The capacity of the library.

Data Written

The amount of data written to the library. This is the amount of physical storage used by the backup data.

Free Space

The amount of free space available in the library.

Current Storage

The type of current storage.

Recommended Storage

The recommended storage setup from Commvault to replace the current setup to achieve cost savings.

Current Cost

The annual cost that you incur currently for the library.

New Cost

The annual cost that you can expect to incur for the library with the recommended storage.


The savings you can expect to achieve annually when you use the Commvault recommended storage solution in place of the current storage. This is the difference between the Current Cost and the New Cost.


The reason for using the recommended storage and the benefits that you can expect from adoption of the recommended solution.