Optimizing Laptop Backups for Cloud Storage


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Applies to: Windows laptops

In a cloud storage environment, you can use the Optimize for cloud backups setting, which backs up laptops directly to cloud storage.

Note: Edge Drive is not supported when backing up to a cloud storage.


  1. Configure cloud storage.

  2. Create a new laptop package with the Optimize for cloud backups option selected.

  3. Distribute the new laptop package.

  4. Install the laptop package on the laptops.

  5. Complete the laptop guided setup.

  6. Enable the Optimize for cloud backups setting on the laptop plan.


    • Laptops that belong to the users associated with the laptop plan will automatically back up to the cloud storage that is specified in the plan.

    • Backups will run against the default subclient only.

    1. Go to Manage > Plans.

      The Plans page appears.

    2. Click the laptop plan.

      The laptop plan page appears.

    3. In the General section, move the Optimize for cloud backups toggle key to the right.

    4. If the plan does not specify an index server, in the prompt to select an index server, select an index server.

  7. Associate users with the plan.

  8. To verify that the installations succeeded, do the following:

    1. Go to Protect > Laptops.

      The Laptops page appears.

    2. Verify that the laptops are in the list of laptops.

  9. Create access control lists (ACLs) for each laptop.

    When you enable access control on client data, the access control lists (ACLs) for the data are also included in the backup, which allows users to access only the files and folders that they have access permissions for. During Find, Browse, Restore, and Delete Data operations, files and folders that the user does not have permissions for are filtered and hidden.