Creating a New Storage Pool


You can configure a new storage pool after setting up the new nodes in the CommCell.

Before You Begin

Deploy and setup the new nodes as described in Setting Up the Nodes.


  1. Launch the Command Center as described in Launching the Command Center.

  2. From the navigation, click Storage > HyperScale.

    The HyperScale page appears.

  3. From the right corner click Add.

    The Add HyperScale dialog box appears.

  4. In the Name box, type a name for the Storage Pool.

    The storage pool name can include alphanumeric characters 1-9, a-z, and A-Z. Special characters or non-alphanumeric characters are not supported.

  5. From the Nodes list, click and select the nodes that must be added in the storage pool..


    • The Nodes list contains a list of disks with the Linux MediaAgent and Storage Pool packages that are not yet configured.

    • 3 nodes are required to create a storage pool.

  6. Click Save.


The new storage pool is saved and listed in the HyperScale page.

What to Do Next

Verify the information associated with the storage pools and disk libraries. For more information, see Verifying the Default Configuration.