Enabling IntelliSnap Backups


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Enable IntelliSnap backups to use Google Cloud Platform snapshot capabilities.


To enable IntelliSnap support, perform the following tasks:

  1. Configure storage as described in Configuring a Cloud Storage. Specify a Google Cloud Platform instance as the MediaAgent.

  2. Add the hypervisor as described in Adding a Google Cloud Platform Hypervisor.

  3. Create a server plan as described in Creating a server plan.

  4. Create a VM group and select the IntelliSnap option.

  5. Associate the plan with a VM group.


When you enable IntelliSnap on a VM group, Commvault automatically creates the following configurations:

  • Schedule policies are created for the primary (snap) and backup copies.

  • The server backup plan associated with the VM group has IntelliSnap enabled and is set to retain eight snap recovery points. (You can modify the server plan to specify a different number of snaps to retain.)