Editing a Setting for CommCell Entities


You can edit an additional setting created for CommCell entities to from the Command Center: add a new entity, delete an entity, or modify the value of the setting for an entity.

Before You Begin

You must have the following permissions:


  1. In the search box, type /additionalsettings, and then press Enter.

    The Additional settings page appears.

  2. Beside Additional Settings, from the Setting drop-down list, select Entity.

  3. In the row for the setting that you want to edit, click the action button , and then click Edit.

    The Edit setting dialog box appears.

  4. Complete the following steps:



Add an entity to the setting

From the Select entities list, select the servers and server groups that you want to configure the setting for.

In the Enter text box, enter a valid value for the setting.

Click Add.

Delete an entity from the setting

For the entity that you want to delete from the entities list, click the Delete button.

Modify the value for an entity

From the list of entities in the Added entities table, for the entity that you want to modify the value for, click Edit button.

In the Value column, modify the value.

Click the Save button.

  1. Click Apply.