Add Hypervisor Options for Hyper-V


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When you configure a new hypervisor during the process of creating a replication group, you must provide vendor-specific information so that the Command Center can access the hypervisor.

Hyper-V Options

  • Select vendor: Select Hyper-V.

  • Hostname/IP address: Enter the fully qualified domain name or IP address for the hypervisor.

  • Hypervisor name: Enter a descriptive name for the hypervisor.

  • To provide access to the hypervisor, select one of the following:

    • Enter credentials: For Username and Password, type the user credentials to provide administrative access to the hypervisor.

    • Use saved credentials: For Credentials, select a credential from the list of those available.

      The credentials listed are applicable to this hypervisor.

      Note: To create a new credential (with Windows account type), to the right of Credentials, click Create new. Enter the name of the new credential and the user name and password to provide administrative access to the hypervisor.

  • Discover nodes: Click to display a list of discovered nodes, and then select the nodes to install the Virtual Server Agent on.

    For a Hyper-V cluster, or to use Changed Block Tracking for Hyper-V 2012 R2, select all nodes in the Hyper-V cluster.