Third Party Monitoring Tools on HyperScale X Reference Architecture


Commvault's HyperScale X Reference Architecture is a scale-out platform dedicated to data-protection. Commvault supports the software stack consisting of the operating-system and HyperScale software and is responsible for upgrades pertaining to these components. Upgrades to the components managed by Commvault is through a centralized process from the CommServe. As such, it is beyond the purview of Commvault to manage other third-party software, including tools such as those used to protect against virus and for hardware monitoring.

If a customer chooses to install any third-party software on a HyperScale node, they need to be aware that it can have a material impact on the performance of Hyperscale and the maintenance of such third-party software is the sole responsibility of the customer. The customer is also informed that any third-party software and configuration pertaining to it could be affected due to a HyperScale upgrade. Therefore, it is important to test all third-party feature functions after a Commvault upgrade.