Restoring a SharePoint Document to Disk


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You can restore a SharePoint document to disk. You can restore the data as either native SharePoint backup files or the original files.


  1. From the navigation pane, click Protect > Applications > SharePoint.

    The SharePoint page appears.

  2. Click the documents server that contains the data that you want to back up.

    The documents server page appears.

  3. On the Contents tab, in the row for the subclient that contains the data that you want to restore, click the action button , and then select Restore.

    The Backup content page appears.

  4. Select the content to restore.

  5. Click Restore.

    The Restore options dialog box appears.

  6. From the Restore to list, select Disk.

  7. In the Path box, enter the location to restore the documents to.

  8. To overwrite the document at the destination, under File options, select the Unconditionally overwrite if it already exists check box.

  9. Under Advanced options, for Restore to disk as, specify the file type to use:

    • To restore the exported dump of the selected files, select SharePoint native backup files.

      You can use the restored dump of files, such as DAT and XML files, as input for PowerShell import commands.

    • To restore the original files, select Original files.

  10. Click Restore.