Linking Storage with the Sync Database for Salesforce


To simplify configuration for tenant administrators, associate storage with the access node, the sync database details, and the Salesforce consumer key and the Salesforce consumer secret stored in Credential Vault.

When storage is linked, tenant administrators can add a Salesforce app in Commvault without entering the access node, the sync database details, or the Salesforce consumer key and the Salesforce consumer secret (when OAuth authentication is used).

Before You Begin


  1. From the navigation pane, click Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. Click the Infrastructure Pool report.

  3. Click Add.

    The Infrastructure Pool dialog box appears.

  4. From the Solution Type list, select Salesforce.

  5. Click OK.

    The Salesforce User Input dialog box appears.

  6. From the Storage pool list, select the storage to use to store the Salesforce data.

  7. From the Access node group list, select an access node.

    Servers that have the Cloud app package installed can act as access nodes. To automatically find an online node to use for Salesforce backups and restores, select a server group as the access node.

  8. In the Download cache path box, enter a path on the access node where data downloaded from Salesforce can be temporarily stored.

  9. From the Connected App Credential list, select the credentials that you saved in the Credential Vault.

  10. Next to Sync database type, select the database type.

  11. In the DB host name box, enter the client that hosts the database.

  12. In the DB port box, enter the port that you use to connect to the database.

  13. For Microsoft SQL Server databases, in the Database instance name box, enter the database name.

  14. In the DB user name and DB password boxes, enter the credentials for a user who has permissions for the database.

  15. Click OK.

What to Do Next

Create a server plan that uses the storage linked with the sync database. This is the server plan that tenant administrators use when they add a Salesforce app in Commvault.