Preinstallation Checklist for HyperScale X Reference Architecture


Complete the following checklist to ensure that all requirements needed for installing and configuring the HyperScale X Reference Architecture environment is available.





Confirm purchased server hardware conforms to HyperScale X validated Bill-of-Materials (BOM).

For more information on the BOM needed for your server model, refer to the linked documents available in Design Specifications for HyperScale X Reference Architecture.


Confirm that the initial hardware setup is complete.

This includes console access, mirrored OS disks except on N4 Reference Architecture nodes, and setting HDD’s in pass-through/JBOD mode.

For more information, refer to the following checklists:


Confirm that the required IP addresses and host names are created in DNS?

For more information, see Node Configuration Checklist.


Network port bonding is recommended for resilience and bandwidth sharing for all except Cisco UCS servers.

If bonding will be used, specify the mode. (1=Active-Standby, 4=LACP)

Note: LACP requires switch configuration by network administrator


Is SAN/FC connectivity required ?


  • Requires purchase of FC HBA for all except Cisco UCS servers.

  • Dell R740XD2 has limited PCIe slots and requires adjustments to the design to accommodate an FC HBA.


Is another data protection software (from another vendor) installed in the clients?

If another data protection software is installed, recommended to remove or disable the software.

If disabling or removal is not an option, Commvault software should have precedence in the client.

New CommCell Environments


Make sure that the CommServe server is setup and installed before setting up the HyperScale nodes.

For more information on setting up a new CommCell environment, see Quick Start Guide.


  • Hostname for CommServe server should not exceed 15 characters. (Windows limit)

  • Permanent Windows and CommServe server license keys required for the new CommServe server.

Existing CommCell Environments


Ensure that the CommServe server has the current Commvault version required for HyperScale. For more information, see Current HyperScale Platform Versions.

CommServe server must be at the same or higher version as HyperScale nodes. Recommended to install the current Service Pack prior to HyperScale installation.

New or Existing CommCell Environments


CommServe server needs connectivity with HyperScale nodes over the data protection network. Is the required connectivity in place?


Have you purchased and installed the Scale-out storage repository and management tools license on CommServe server?


Verify Anti-Virus exclusions on all Commvault servers and clients including the new HyperScale nodes.

For more information, see Recommended Antivirus Exclusions for HyperScale X Reference Architecture.


Download the latest Commvault HyperScale software distribution from:!/150/720.

Note: Check the Release Date to make sure that it is the most recent version.

For Cisco UCS Servers


Verify Cisco firmware version.

Note: Cisco firmmware revision 4.0(4) or higher is required with Hyperscale X.


If using Cisco UCS server nodes, is it UCS Managed (includes fabric-interconnects) or unmanaged (without interconnects) ?