Getting Started with PostgreSQL in a Kubernetes Cluster


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Verify the system requirements. Create a Docker container image for Commvault and add the client packages. Set up a one-way network topology. Create the pods, docker containers and an instance, and then perform a backup and a restore.


  1. Verify that your environment meets the system requirements for PostgreSQL in a Kubernetes cluster.

  2. Create a Docker container image for Commvault.

  3. Add PostgreSQL client packages to the Commvault Docker image.

  4. Set up one-way network topology for the pods.

  5. Create pods with PostgreSQL and Commvault Docker containers.

  6. Create a PostgreSQL instance.

    Note: Enter the port in the format hostname_of_the_client:port. For example, enter hostname:5432.

  7. Run a PostgreSQL backup operation.

  8. Run a PostgreSQL restore operation.