Getting Started with MEDITECH


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Getting started with MEDITECH includes verifying the system requirements, adding the file server, creating a backup set, and performing a test backup and restore.


  1. Review the system requirements, and verify your environment with both Commvault and MEDITECH.

    Note: Both Commvault and MEDITECH must validate your deployment configuration to ensure that it can be protected by the Commvault software. Contact us at, and we can assist you in the deployment process

  2. Copy the MBF executable file (mbf64.exe) to the Commvault Base folder of the MediaAgent that you will use as the access node for MEDITECH.

    The Commvault software uses the MEDITECH Backup Facilitator (MBF) utility.

  3. Request an authorization code for MEDITECH from <CompanyName>.

  4. Complete the file server guided setup to add the file server that you will use for the MEDITECH data.

  5. Add a backup set.

  6. Perform a test backup and restore.