Adding a File Server for MEDITECH


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When you log on to the Command Center for the first time, a setup wizard guides you through the core setup required by the applications available in the Command Center. After you complete the core setup, complete the setup wizard specific to the Servers application.

You need the following information about the file server:

  • Host name

  • User name and password


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Guided setup, and then click the File server tile.

  2. On the Create server backup plan page, type a name for the plan, then provide information about storage, retention, and backup schedules.

    For more information, see Creating a Server Plan.

    You can skip this step if you created a server plan already.

    • In the Plan name box, enter a name for the plan.

    • In the RPO section, specify how often and when you want to run backups.

      You can also specify other settings, such as which folders to back up, in the other sections.

  3. In the Server configuration section, enter the following information:

    • Host name: Enter a fully qualified host name or IP address for the file server.

      You can enter more than one host name at a time.

    • Username and Password: Enter the user credentials to provide administrative access to the file server.

      The administrator must have the permissions for performing a backup and restore operation.

    • OS Type: To select the operating system type of the file server, click the appropriate operating system.

    • To restart the file sever, enable the Reboot if required slider.

  4. In the Backup configuration section, enter the following information:

    • Plan: To select a backup plan to use for the file server, select a backup plan, and then specify the content you want to back up.

  5. Click Save.

  6. To finish, choose one of the following options:

    • To perform an immediate backup of the file server (without requiring confirmation), click Back up Now.

      The Job details page appears and displays job status information.

    • To go to the File Server Dashboard page without performing a backup, click Do it later.