Understanding Differences Between Storage Policies and Plans


Before you migrate storage policies to laptop plans or server plans, understand how storage policies and plans are similar and different.

  • Server plans in the Command Center are the same as storage policies in the CommCell Console, except that server plans also specify the content and schedules for backups.

  • A server plan includes the following settings:


Similar component in the CommCell Console

What the setting specifies

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Schedule policies

Backup frequency

Backup destination

Storage policies

Where the backups are stored

Backup content

Subclient policies

The files and folders to back up

  • A server plan can contain multiple backup copies.

  • Terminology in the CommCell Console and the Command Center:

CommCell Console

Command Center


Storage pool

Storage policy, Schedule policy, Subclient policy



Examples are file server, virtual machine, and database.