Configure MySQL Instance to Enable Enterprise Backup


To use MySQL Enterprise Backup, enable it for an instance.

After you enable MySQL Enterprise Backup for an instance, you cannot create new database groups for the instance.

Before You Begin

If IntelliSnap backup or block-level backup are enabled for the instance, disable them.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Databases.

    The Instances page appears.

  2. Click the instance.

    The instance page appears.

  3. On the Overview tab, in the General section, click Edit.

    The Edit MySQL instance dialog box appears.

  4. Under Advanced options, move the Enable hot backup toggle key to the right.

  5. Select Enterprise backup.

  6. In the Enterprise backup bin path box, click the browse icon to select the MySQL utility files that are required to enable MySQL Enterprise Backup.

  7. To prevent backups from locking the non-InnoDB tables, select the No lock check box.

    To avoid inconsistencies in the non-InnoDB data, do not select this check box.

  8. Click Save.