Application-Aware Protection for Containerized MySQL


You can use the Commvault software to back up and restore a MySQL app running in a Kubernetes cluster or an OpenShift cluster. To do this, install a Commvault container along with a MySQL container inside a pod. Each pod in the Kubernetes cluster is registered as a client in the CommCell. Share the data in the persistent volumes (PV) with the Commvault container. Commvault is then able to read data for backups and write to volumes during restores.

The Commvault software also needs a 3 GB persistent volume to store its configuration files and logs. Because the Commvault server cannot communicate with pods in a Kubernetes cluster, each pod accesses a Commvault server through a one-way network topology immediately after the Commvault container in the pod is accessible. After the pod is registered as a client, you can create a MySQL instance for each pod to run backups and restores.