Managing Commvault Entities in the Commvault NOW App on an Apple Device


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On the Commvault NOW app, you can search for entities such as clients, client groups, plans, or MediaAgents, based on name, ID, or any other parameter, and perform relevant actions on them.

For example, you can search for a MediaAgent, and then restart services on the MediaAgent, retire the MediaAgent, or view details of the MediaAgent.


  1. On the Commvault NOW home screen, tap Search .

    The Search anything box appears, with a list of Quick Search entities or Recent Searches.

  2. Select any of the listed entities or type any keyword like a specific plan name.

    The results appear.

  3. Tap on any item to see the actions you can perform on the entity.

    For example, for a client group entity, you can disable backups, enable backups, install updates, restart services, or view its details.