Performing a Failback for a Continuous Replication Group


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After a successful replication group failover, you can perform a failback operation to reestablish replication operations for all replication pairs in the group. Only VMs that are eligible fail back. During a failback operation, all changes to the destination VMs are synced back to the source VMs. If IP customization is applied during the failover operation, it is removed during the failback operation.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Disaster Recovery.

    The Replication groups page appears.

  2. Under Group name, click a replication group.

    The replication group details page appears.

  3. On the Overview tab, in the upper-right area of the page, click Failback.

    A message appears that asks you to verify that you want to perform the failback.

  4. Click Submit.


After the failback job completes, the following events occur:

  • The source VMs are turned on again and a resync operation runs to reestablish replication operations.

  • In the Replication Monitor table, the Synchronization status displays Re-syncing.

  • Replication operations resume on the source VM.

  • On the Continuous Replication Monitor, the Synchronization status displays Replicating.