Backup Jobs and the Salesforce API Size Limit


To avoid exceeding the Salesforce API size limit, a backup job runs until the number of files backed up reaches over 50 percent of the total API calls allowed for the day. Then, the backup job is suspended, but is automatically resumed the next day. This behavior continues until all of the files in the job are backed up.

Events are generated in the following cases:

  • An object fails or skips because of one of the following reasons:

    • The object is restricted by the Salesforce API.

    • The object takes too much time to back up and produces a QUERY_TIMEOUT error, or a similar error.

    • The object requires one or more filters on the query.

    • The object does not have any data to backup.

  • The file does not download because the file does not exist at the time of the download.

  • The file is partially downloaded due to the Salesforce API size limit or due to file corruption, and so on.

  • The incremental backup operation identifies more than 100,000 records that were modified or deleted:

    • [NOTIFY_WARNING] Unusually high number of records were modified [record_number] for retrieving the updated records of [object_name]

    • [NOTIFY_WARNING] Unusually high number of records were deleted [record_number] for retrieving the deleted records of [object_name]