Making a CommCell Environment an Identity Provider CommCell Environment


To make any CommCell environment a Global Command Center, add a different CommCell environment as a service CommCell environment.

Before You Begin

You need the credentials of a user account on the service Commcell environment that has Administrative Management permissions at the CommCell level. For more information, see Managing Roles.


  1. Log on to the Command Center of the CommCell environment that you want to make an IdP CommCell environment.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > System.

    The System page appears.

  3. Click the Service CommCells tile.

    The Service CommCells page appears.

  4. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Add service CommCell.

    The Add service CommCell dialog box appears.

  5. Click Global Command Center.

  6. In the Service CommCell host name box, enter the CommServe host name or the IP address of the CommCell environment that you want to add as a service CommCell environment, and then enter the credentials for the service CommCell environment.

  7. Click Save.

    The Service CommCells page appears.

  8. Verify that the service CommCell environment is synced with the Global Command Center:

    1. In the row for the service CommCell environment, verify that the Last synced with IDP column displays the current time.

    2. If the time is not current, click the Actions button , and then click Refresh.

    3. If the time is still not current, perform a recovery operation of the service CommCell environment.

      If the recovery operation fails, contact the software vendor.

  9. If the IdP CommCell environment uses a proxy server for communication, verify that the communication functions correctly.

    If the communication does not function correctly, contact the software vendor.

To access a service CommCell environment, users log on to the Global Command Center, not the service CommCell environment. For information, see Accessing a Service CommCell.